Pastel Nagomi Art Associate Instructor Certification Course

Learn a new skill in 3 days and become a certified Pastel Nagomi Art Associate Instructor.

Whether you are planning to start an art business, or equip yourself with a second career option, or as a retirement activity plan. Maybe you just want to master the complete set of Pastel Nagomi Art techniques.  Or maybe you want to become an artist or merely keep it as your hobby.

Pastel Nagomi Art Associate Instructor Course is the perfect fit for your needs. It is suitable for educators, parents, art enthusiastic, retiree and etc.

Pastel Nagomi Art is so easy to learn!  It does not need you to have any art experience. 

The course syllabus comprises all the basic techniques that allow you to create limitless Pastel Nagomi Art. The contents are structured in a way that you can master these skills without any difficulties. You simply turn Hero from Zero in 3 days.

* you will be a certified Associate Instructor once your assignments have been acknowledged in Japan. the but diploma may take up to 3 months to deliver.

As a certified Pastel Nagomi Art Associate Instructor, you can conduct your own Pastel Nagomi Art workshop.   And you will be invited to join the Singapore’s local Pastel Nagomi Art Instructor community. There are many activities and opportunities open for the instructors. Such as art exhibition, various art workshops and Pastel Nagomi Art awareness campaigns.

Pastel Nagomi Art Associate Instructor Certification Course Summary:

  • 3 Full Days (9am-6pm) course duration.
  • Flexible dates and timing are available too.
  • Step-by-step easy to follow teaching method.
  • Complete Pastel Nagomi Art skills and techniques.
  • Background, mission and vision of Pastel Nagomi Art.
  • Business development concept of Pastel Nagomi Art
  • How to plan and conduct a Pastel Nagomi Art workshop.
  • 21 course titles comprise sceneries, feelings, aromas and spiritual.
  • 3 projects and 1 simple written assignment to be submitted to Japan.
  • Diploma issued by Japan Pastel Hope Art Association.
No prior art background required.
This course is ideal for young adults, teachers, parents, art enthusiastic, retiree and etc.
Course fee inclusive all tools, materials, course notes, diploma and courier fees. 
Special instructor-only discounts on art materials and tools in future.


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